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Engineering & Public Works

Engineering within the City of Cottleville can be divided into three general areas: Land Use, Building, and Transportation. Follow each of the descriptions and links below to find out more information about each of these areas:

Land Use - Land Use encompasses planning, zoning, development and contstruction within the City. If you are interested in how to develop or use land within Cottleville, these links can help to guide you.

  • Maps - City maps are available for download in pdf format.
  • Zoning/Development - Land Use requirements from Zoning and for Development withing the City of Cottleville will depend upon the type of use of development being proposed as well as the location of the use within the City.
  • Stormwater Management - Cottleville is committed to protecting water quality throughout the City and County.
  • Construction - Contractors doing any work "other than building construction" need to obtain proper permits as outlined below. Please check each permit requirement as multiple permits may need to be obtained:
    • Grading Permit - Needed for any earthmoving or grading activity greater than 10,000 square feet.
    • Construction Permit - Needed for Site Development Improvements (Pavement; Water; Sewer; Trenching; Utilities; etc.)
    • Special Use Permit - Needed for any work conducted in/on/under public right-of-way and easements.
  • Housing - Interested in buying a house in Cottleville?

Building - Building permits are required for most building construction activities. Follow this link to find what you need to know about building permits within the City including signs, occupancy, and applicable codes. (Building page)

Transportation - Transportation planning and construction is vital to the growth and safety of the City of Cottleville. Cottleville follows St. Charles County standardsfor roadway construction and MoDOT access management guidlines, but other ordinances may apply depending upon the zoning district. Please contact Rob Mosbey rmosbey@cityofcottleville.com with specific questions related to Transportation within the City. For updates on current and future road construction on corridors within the City, please click here.

The City of Cottleville contracts with St. Charles County to provide maintenance and operation of most public improvements. However, any questions or concerns regarding a public works issue should be directed to Public Works at City Hall who will examine the situation and relay applicable information directly to St. Charles County.


Effective November 1, 2004, the City of Cottleville assumed responsibility for all plan reviews and all construction inspection of development within the corporate limits of the City. It is no longer necessary to submit plans to St. Charles County or coordinate inspections with St. Charles County, except for existing subdivisions currently under development, as St. Charles County will perform inspections until all improvements are completed.

Please continue to submit all plans and permit requests to Cottleville City Hall (5490 Fifth Street), including Special Use Permits for work to be completed in the existing public roadways.

To coordinate a construction inspection, please contact:
Rich Francis 636-498-6565
at least 48 hours before start of any construction identified on approved construction drawings. INSPECTIONS WILL BE REQUIRED BEFORE ACCEPTANCE OF ANY PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS. Requests for escrow releases will be processed by Rich Francis in the same manner as St. Charles County releases. Developers will also be required to coordinate material testing services with a testing consultant approved by the City. Fees for all testing services will be charged to the developer on a monthly basis pursuant to Ordinance 580 and paid by the developer.