Old Town Historic District

The Old Town Historic District Commission was created for the purpose of recommending to the Board of Aldermen real property and structures to be designated as a historical contributing resource.

The Commission shall review and consider Certificate of Appropriateness Request.  Certificates are required on any action affecting the appearance of a site, exterior of a structure, or site appearance within the district, including, but not limited to; construction, demolition, alteration, change or modification of color, roofing materials and earth-disturbing activities.

The Commission consists of seven members including six citizen members and the Mayor. Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor to a five-year term.

The Old Town Historic Commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, as necessary.

Any questions regarding the Certificate of Appropriateness Request, contact the City Administrator/Public Works Director at 636-498-6565, ext. 202, or rich.francis@cityofcottleville.com.

Certificate of Appropriateness Request