Cottleville is a growing, dynamic city that reflects the enthusiasm of its young people, the vitality of its families, and the wisdom of its seniors. We're also a community that cherishes tradition and values, while embracing an optimistic vision of the future.


Volleyball Registration

Cottleville is offering Sand Volleyball Leagues starting the week of April 5 in Legacy Park at our new Sand Volleyball courts.  Registrations are now open!  Follow the link above to sign your team up to play in one of our new leagues.     

Tuesday:        Co-Ed Recreational
Wednesday:   Men's
Thursday:       Co-Ed Intermediate
Sunday:          Youth Junior High Level
                       Youth High School  Level 

Rules and Regulations are also on the site.   Go to

St. Pat's Day Festivities

For all the up-to-date information on the St. Patrick's Day Run, Parade, Green Tie Gala, or Blarney Bash, click on the link above.

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