Residential and Commercial Building


Building Permits are required for most building construction activities in the City of Cottleville.

Occupancy Inspections are required for changes in use and tenancy of commercial and residential structures within the City of Cottleville.

The following are provided as general guidelines for building activity within the City of Cottleville and may not be applicable to every situation.

To schedule Residential and Commercial Inspections, please contact the Cottleville City Hall at (636) 498-6565 x 0.

For additional permitting and inspection requirements, please contact local fire department.

Cottleville Fire Protection District - (636) 447-6655
Central County Fire & Rescue - (636) 970-9700

Occupancy Permits

The following projects require an occupancy inspection and permit within the City of Cottleville.

Occupancy inspections are provided as a courtesy at no cost to you by the City Inspector and can be scheduled simply by calling 636-498-6565.

  • Buying, Selling, Leasing, or Renting a residential structure
  • Changing tenancy of a residential or commercially leased or rented structure/space
  • Changing the use of a structure (such as changing from residential to commercial)
  • Changing ownership of a commercial structure
Building Permits

To be sure your project requires a Building Permit, please see examples below of projects that need Building Permits.

  • All new construction of a residential or commercial structure
  • Any electrical re-wiring of a home or addition
  • Changes in electrical service or service up-grade
  • Plumbing changes in home or an addition
  • New garages, carports, room additions
  • Retaining walls over 48 inches high
  • Replacement of air conditioner & heating units
  • Pools (above and in ground)
  • Decks
  • Fences

The City of Cottleville has adopted the following building codes as standards for residential and commercial construction:

  • IBC 2015
  • IRC 2015
  • NEC 2014
  • IMC 2015
  • IPC 2015
  • IPMC 2015

For information about these codes or to order copies, please visit