Taxes, Fees, and Financial Information

Property Taxes

Property taxes for residents of Cottleville are collected by the St. Charles County Collector's Office.


Property Tax Rates 
Debt Service0.0000
Total Property Tax Charged by Cottleville0.2713

Sales Tax Rates 
Capital Improvements0.5000
Storm Water and Parks0.5000

TDD/CID Sales Tax Rates* 
Mid Rivers Transportation District0.5000
Cottleville Old Town Community Improvement District1.0000
Frank Martin's Garden Community Improvement District1.0000

Utility Tax Rates 
Laclede Gas0.0500
All Others0.0500

     *The City of Cottleville has Transportation Development Districts and Community Improvement Districts within it boundaries. CID and TDD are additional sales taxes applied to purchases within these districts.

For questions regarding other sales tax rates or to obtain a Missouri Retail Sales Tax License for Cottleville, call the Missouri Department of Revenue at 573-751-2836.

Other Financial Information
Additional Questions?

Contact the Cottleville City Treasurer with questions at [email protected], or 636-498-6565 dial 5.