Enroll Now to Recycle Curbside in Cottleville

The City of Cottleville curbside recycling program has moved to an  enrollement service beginning in April 2020. Enroll now and we will apply a Blue Bag Crew Sticker on your existing Cottleville trash can so you can continue to receive blue bags and be a Blue Bag Crew recycle member.

Click here to enroll.

By enrolling in the Blue Bag Crew you pledge to recycle with Blue Bags
and pledge that you will not use Blue Bags for any other purpose other than recycling.  Place your recycling Blue Bags filled with recyclables into your cart along with your trash bags. When you enroll you will receive Blue Bags for recycling.  When you run out of Blue Bags, tie a Blue Bag (or any plastic grocery bag) on the handle of your trash can.  If you have the Blue Bag Crew sticker on your trash cart,  the drivers will drop off a new roll of Blue Bags when they see you’ve tied a bag on your cart. Starting in April 2020,  Blue Bags will no longer be available at Cottleville City Hall. Please use the Blue Bags to recycle by placing all your paper items in one Blue Bag and all your recyclable containers in another Blue Bag.

**If you live within a multi-family complex, such as an apartment or condominium, you can sign up for the Blue Bag Crew program and receive a one-year supply of Blue Bags delivered to your home. When your Blue Bag is full place the Blue Bag in one of the dumpsters at your complex along with your trash bags. When the driver picks up the trash and Blue Bags from the dumpster, the load will be taken to Recycle City for sorting and the Blue Bag items will be recycled.

Recycle Contest

By enrolling in the Blue Bag Crew, your household is automatically entered into the annual recycling contest.  The winner(s) will receive a gift card.

Shred It ... and Forget It

Cottleville Residents may bring up to 5 boxes of materials to be shredded. Take your boxes to Recycle City to be shredded between 9 am and 12 pm on the following 2021 dates.

Your Cottleville Resident Privilege ID Card is required.

  • May 1
  • November 6

Recycle City features a convenient drop-off center.

135 Ecology Drive
St. Peters, MO 63376
*Cottleville Resident Privilege ID Card is required

St. Charles County Recycle Works Central,

60 Triad South Drive
St. Charles, MO 63304
*Paints, aerosols, batteries, pesticides, poisons, chemicals, solvents, etc.