Court FAQ

 To View & Pay a Fine online in Cottleville Municipal Court : 

To VIEW or PAY most Municipal Offenses on or after 3/1/21:  click here
*If you do not have your ticket number, please filter using 11th Judicial Circuit (St. Charles County).
To view the FINE SCHEDULE prior on or after 3/1/21:
click here


To PAY most aged Municipal Offenses through 2/28/21:  click here

To view the FINE SCHEDULE prior to 2/28/21: click here

For assistance viewing case information or paying your fine, please contact the Court Administrator at 636-498-6363 to determine options available to you.

To SEARCH most aged tickets, current cases with missed court dates, or warrants:  click here
*A case status of 'W' indicates warrant status.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Court costs?

The Court Costs amount is set by Missouri State Statute. = $34.50

  • $12.00 General Court Cost
  • $ 7.50 State & City Crime Victims Fund (95% & 5% split)
  • $ 2.00 City Police Training
  • $1.00 State Police Training
  • $ 3.00 State Sheriff's Retirement Fund
  • $2.00 Inmate Security Fund
  • $7.00 Show Me Court Automation
  • Jail Restitution = TBD by Case
  • DWI Recoup = TBD by Case
2. Do I have to appear in Court?

No, it is not necessary to appear in Court for some traffic violations, or if you wish to plead guilty to the charge. If you have any questions whether it is necessary to appear in Court, please contact the Court Clerk at

3. Do I need an attorney?

If you wish to plead guilty and pay the fine and cost, it is not necessary to have an attorney represent you.

4. How can I request a continuance or set up a payment schedule?

Contact the Court Clerk to request a continuance or to set up a payment schedule. However, the Judge may require you to appear on your original Court Date.

5. How do I pay a fine?

ONLINE Debit or Credit Card -
Click here

ONLY Cash, Check, or Money Order is accepted in person in the office.
You may mail your fine, pay in person, or appear :

Cottleville Municipal Court
5490 Fifth Street
Cottleville, Missouri 63304

The Court Offices are open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; closed daily from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.  There is also a drop box at this location for use after hours. Please place payment inside an envelope with your name on the outside.
If you need confirmation of your fine balance, please contact the Court Clerk, 636-498-6363.

6. How many points am I allowed on my license before it will be
suspended or revoked?

Suspension = 8 points in 18 months
Revocation = 12 points in 12 months

7. Attorney entry:

Please send one copy of each to the Prosecutor’s Assistance Clerk:

              1. Entry of Appearance with a SASE.
                Request for Recommendation.
              2. Request for Discovery, if necessary, including SASE with extra postage.
              3. Driving record required when entering an appearance on a DWI.  Please include this with the entry to expedite the recommendation process.

The prosecutor will make all recommendations on the evening of Court and will be mailed the week of Court.

Please send one copy of each to the Court Clerk:

  1. Entry of Appearance in a separate envelope addressed to the Municipal Division Court Clerk. Both may be mailed to the same address.
8. remit proof of insurance

Submit proof of insurance, covering the date the summons was written, to 5490 Fifth Street - Cottleville, Mo 63304 or via fax 636-498-6575.