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Legacy Park

                                                            Playground at Legacy Park
              Named by the City Council in hopes that the "Legacy" of growing for tomorrow will always
                                                       continue for the City of Cottleville. 

Legacy Park is our most utilized park and a great place for the family.   Legacy Park is located on Hwy N, nestled up to Dardenne Creek near City Hall.  The park is also accessible from Vantage Park via the 10' wide pedestrian bridge over Dardenne Creek. 

Legacy Park currently features two pavilions, a playground, tennis courts, basketball hoops, sand volleyball courts, an amphitheater, the Bark Park and a multi-use trail.  Watch for the multipurpose sports field to be installed the Fall of 2015. 

Bark Park

Bring your furry friend down to socialize  with other dogs.   Two sections are available to enjoy.   A smaller section for small dogs or puppies, and a large one-acre section for large dogs to run, chase and play.  The Bark Park will be closed when muddy conditions prohibit access. 


Sand Volleyball Courts
        Two Florida sand volleyball courts are available and open to free play any day or
        night of the week EXCEPT when the Cottleville League is playing.   These are first
        come, first serve and cannot be reserved. To sign up for League Play, click on the
        Roster that you need.  Adult Roster     Youth Roster

Basketball Hoops
        If basketball is your sport, bring your ball and come down
        to the tennis courts to shoot some hoops.   There are
        four basketball hoops installed for a quick pick up game, or to
        teach your kids how to play.  Each hoop is designed to
        be lowered or made higher, depending on the age of the

Tennis Courts
        Two tennis courts are available on a first come, first serve basis.  The tennis courts
        are located to the left when you pull into Legacy Park from Hwy N.

        The playground is designed for 
        children from 2 to 12 years of age.            
        The Playground is located near the
        amphitheater and Pavilion A in Legacy 
        Park.   Let your children climb, swing,
        slide and whirl on our many different
        pieces.   Soft rubber flooring
        is in place to help with keeping your child
        safe.  Benches and awning-covered tables
        surround the playground for parents to
        be available while your child is playing. 

Liberty Swing
        The Liberty Swing is a gift from the Cottleville Fireman's Outreach and is located at the
        playground in Legacy Park.  The swing is designed to be a safe place for those in a
        wheelchair, or other challenges, to enjoy.   If you want to utilize this piece of equipment,
        stop by the Police Department, City Hall, or the Fire Department to get the key to unlock
        the swing.

Pavilion A
        This pavilion is nearest to the playground
        and also the largest, 30' x 60'.   This
        Pavilion has electricity and is easily
        accessible to the playground area. 
        Pavilion A also has two barbecue grills
        and a portable restroom available nearby. 
        This Pavilion may be rented out for a four
        hour time slot. Pavilion Registration Form

Pavilion B
        This Pavilion is near the Bark Park and is
        24' x 24'.  This Pavilion also has access to
        the fire pit.   Just call ahead to City Hall to
        have the fire ring brought down for you to         use when renting this pavilion.   Pavilion B
        has electricity and is a short walk to the
        playground and portable restrooms.  This
        Pavilion may be rented out for a four hour         time slot.  Pavilion Registration Form

Old Log Cabin
        The Cabin was originally owned by the
        Sargent Family and was located on Eagle
        Hill, just north of old town Cottleville.
        The City purchased the cabin and had it
        transported to its current location.  The
        Old Cabin has a "self-composting"
        restroom.   The Cabin is at the Trailhead
        for the Dardenne Greenway.  

Rotary Amphitheater
        This amphitheater was made possible by the Cottleville/Weldon Spring Rotary Club and
        many other businesses, clubs, foundations and residents.   It is a work in progress, and
        the master plan is to have the concrete pad for the stage in soon.  Once the concrete
        pad is completed, the City will be utilizing this beautiful space for many types of events. 
        Events to be held at the amphitheater include plays, music festivals, movie nights and
        concerts.  It is currently home to the Annual Great Easter Egg Hunt and has been for
        several years.

Multi-Use Trail
        This paved trail is used for walking,
        running, bicycling, golf carts, roller blading,
        skateboarding or walking your pet.  
        A 5K run can easily be mapped out on our
        paved trails for your group or fundraiser. 
        Please be aware of those around you
        and be courteous users.

Koontz Fort Trail
       This trail was completed in Spring 2015 and is a dry
       weather trail through the woods and runs from Brittany
       Place subdivision to Legacy Park.  Take a walk and hear
       the quiet of the woods and watch the native animals in
       their habitat.

Multipurpose Sports Field
        A new multipurpose field will be located behind Pavilion A with construction scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2015.   This field will be used for football, soccer and many other sports.  The multi-sports field project will include a regulation size field, football/soccer goal posts, bleacher seating, recycle receptacles and some additional parking.